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Holly Breen - University of Salford

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My Professional Blog

Posted: Aug 15, 2012

Please have a wander over and have a look at my professional blog for all my latest blog posts. It available here-

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Sonisphere Festival - Cancelled

Posted: Mar 29, 2012

 In a sad day for festival fans, one of the UK’s leading rock festivals announced earlier today that this year’s festival will not go ahead.

Sonisphere Festival was due to take place on the 6-8th July later this year and was to be headlined by Kiss, Faith No More and Queen featuring Adam Lambert. In a website apology this morning however, the festival was cancelled leaving many fans disappointed, and many wondering where the future lies with the UK’s music festivals.

In what the Sonisphere developers called “a very challenging year”, internet rumours have suggested the cancellation could be due to poor ticket sales with previous years selling tickets in there thousands. There has also been strong emphasis on social networking sites such as Twitter that sales may have lessened because of a poorer line-up with many music fans preferring to opt for the likes of Reading and Leeds Festivals instead. 

It leaves an interesting debate on where the festivals may progress with many rock fans heralding Leeds and Reading as too mainstream and relying on Download now to provide the ultimate rock and roll getaway they hope for with these fests. There has also been blame based on the upcoming Olympic games with speculation that many potential attendees have opted to watch the games being hosted in England rather than paying for the music tickets.

With Glastonbury taking a year off, and now a major rock festival being cancelled, it is uncertain whether these festivals will remain, or has the fad died off?

Below are some views off of Twitter:
@mistydubs  So Sonisphere is cancelled…I think a few promoters need to start looking at prices - £400-500 for a weekend of music is just too much

@ashamanben I actually think the small amount of bands sonisphere had on was so much better than downloads lineup #download2012 #shit

@FraserBowden @Sonisphere has been traded for an #Anchorman sequel. It’s a shame we can’t have everything

@jayyyjayyyxx Sad times for rock fans #sonisphere xxxx :( 

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Review: The Hunger Games

Posted: Mar 29, 2012

 Mystery, adventure, action, romance. This is film that crosses all the aspects, enough cliches for it to go wrong; but it doesn’t.


The delicate mix shows 16-year-old Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence) fighting to win Pagem’s 74th annual Hunger Games after volunteering herself to be a tribute in place of her sister. The games, which show a clever satire of today’s fascination with reality television are a cross between just that. Reality TV and an action packed Gladiator era type fighting, with 24 young teenagers fighting to the death.

Amongst all the chaos the film incorporates a classic Romeo and Juliet style “star crossed lovers” between Katniss and fellow District 12 tribute Peeta Mellark (Josh Hutcherson) as the pair double up and aim to pursue through the contest together. 

The only uncertainty found was that of the part of Gale Hawthorne (Liam Hemsworth) who’s role was unclear as he seemed to remain merely the boy at home, implications of romantic feelings are suggested between him and Katniss, though only that. His role felt more of an introduction, luring the audience into watching the future sequel rather than of importance to the plot.

Based off the novel written by Suzanne Collins, this was a film that left me on the edge of my seat, exhilarated, excited and thoroughly engaged in what was happening. A must see film for anyone who enjoys action, adventure and twists and turns.


View the trailer here -

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It's only St. Patrick's Day!

Posted: Mar 29, 2012

 Guinness hats, green clothing, sign offering potato cakes and soda bread; it can only mean one thing- St. Patrick’s day has once more been amongst us. Being both home for the weekend and in celebration of my Irish heritage it felt only natural to go and see what Nottingham was doing in celebration of the Patriotic day.



As has become an annual event, the celebrations began with the traditional parade making its way from the Forest through to Nottingham’s Market Square and its fair to say, everybody was aware of there presence!



One person was overheard commenting, “I know Nottingham is a large city but I never expected there to be so many people participating in the parade”, whilst a young male stated he was “surprised at the vast Irish population” within Robin Hood’s town.

That isn’t to say Nottingham didn’t acknowledge dear old Robin. Nope, hidden within the social groups and clubs and schools, Robin Hood revellers were to be found, bows and arrows in tow. It was a vibrant atmosphere, full of fun, laughter and lots of loud singing. Live entertainment within the Square involved traditional Irish dancing from local clubs and dance school and Irish folk band Na Fiánna provided vocal entertainment for the many bystanders and passerbys.



Nottingham did not fail in what they promised was ‘the best St. Patrick’s festival yet’ leaving attendees excitable and entertained with many dispersing afterwards to continues festivities among the Nottingham nightlife.

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TV Journos

Posted: Feb 06, 2012

A comical look into the production and conventions for creating news for televison.

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Posted: Feb 06, 2012

Welcome to my new blog which is being used for posting journalistic articles.

This is going to be my new medium posting not only current news stories, but also reviews and general thoughts and opinion on what my life entails at the time in progress.

A variety of interests appeal to me however I heavily focus on music, film and fashion - all of which have engaged me from a young age. I'm currently enrolled at Salford University studying for a BA in Journalism when I graduate in 2014.

Prior to attending university I was at a Sixth Form centre in Nottingham where I studied English and Media. Journalistic writing was covered in my english course, particularly one piece where the coursework required travel writing, mine of which was based around travels to Cornwall. My media offered a variety of practical skills, from conceptions of ideas to recording and editing film footage to create a final product. This converges onto my journalism course as it gave me necessary skills in being capable of not only writing news, but also in how to supply news through other formats, eg. television and online.


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