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Sean Blackmore - University of Chester

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Alien 3 Directors cut

Posted: May 22, 2012

 when looking at the Alien Franchise Alien 3 had received a lot of abuse for its complete change in direction from James Cameron's action packed Aliens, a lot of the reasons for its negative response can be quite valid for instance killing of likeable Marine Dwayne Hicks and young Newt as it is very anticlimatic after all they had been through in the previous sequel. also going back from hundreds of xenomorphs and the badass Queen to a single Xenomorph can seem a little underwhelming.

all the negatives aside I personally think the change of direction is what makes Alien 3 shine as it's own sequel, not just a carbon cash in copy of Aliens. it replaces the action and pace with suspense and tone. 

the cinematography in each of the Alien movies is astonishing but Alien 3 I believe is the most iconic, set on a prison planet consisting of Bald male rapists and murders the lighting and set pieces really show of how sinister and grim this addition to the franchise is going to be from the start.

one of the best aspects of this movie would be the score as it is very dark and gothic which sets up the mood in conjuction with the cinematography, in other scenes the score is very inspiring especially in the scenes with Dillon Giving his speech at the cremation of Hicks and Newt and the speech towards the end about "going out on your feet or your knees, begging"

somehow a few of the characters in the movie aside from being rapists and murders giving us the excuse to hate them grow on you as the plot progresses such as the religious leader Dillon and the cocky Morse who for some reason am very glad survives in the ending.

the directors cut is what sets it apart from all the negative reviews IMO the extra half an hour of footage helps to progress and give depth to the story which gives it a lot more drive and understanding for the audiences, some of the more notable scenes in the directors cut would be the whole capturing the Xenomorph to which the blood soaked Golic slices the inmate throat guarding the door holding the Xenomorph letting it out into the facility. also the Xenomorph bursts out of an Ox instead of a dog from which a Queen Facehugger is found beside.

if you haven't watched Alien 3 i'd advise you to watch the Directors cut, if you have only seen the theatrical it may be worthwhile to give it another try with the Directors cut. I think Alien 3 is one of the only films that gets better in time than when it released.

(Wall of text, I've never really written anything like this so don't criticize my writing style haha. its also nearly 4am so i've probably missed out a whole lot of important shit I set out to mention but oh wells :).)

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Introductory Blog

Posted: Feb 22, 2012

Heyy welcome to my Blog, I am going to be creating entries frequently if I have time spare to talk about some of my favourite Movies, Video games and Television series I have in my collection. mainly to make me feel like i'm doing something productive and creative with my life :P Preferably I would like to add video blogs but have no camera so once I find some software for my webcam I'll create my first video. Peace out :) 

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