Creative hive Live 2012
29 May @ MediacityUK
Creative Digital Event

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Creative Hive Live - 29 May 2012: 2pm - 9pm @ MediaCityUK

  • Creative Hive Live at MediaCityUK - 29 May, 2pm - 9pm
  • The event featured many exciting audio/visual performances
  • HD Touch tables feature projects for creative speed networking
  • 18 Speakers bringing their expert experience of creative and digital media to MediaCityUK
  • Pop Art Factory cross displinary photography,design,music and flash fiction live event
  • Exciting, innovative and interactive installations in the TV studios

Creative Hive is a collective based at the University of Salford whose goal is to provide real world opportunities and connections between people in education and industry. Creative Hive provides a means for people of any discipline and from anywhere to showcase their work and form new connections both digitally at and in person at these live events.

Creative Hive Live 2012 was staged at the University of Salford’s state of the art living facility known as ‘The Egg’ at MediaCityUK in May 2012. The event was a celebration of digital technologies and creative connections, consisting of storytelling, music, performances, installations, live events and more. These live events connect people, create new opportunities and feature many exciting performances and presentations. Creative speed networking sessions use interactive touch tables allowing creative people to display and discuss their work. Creative Hive Live 2012 was part of the University of Salford's School of Media, Music and Performance final year shows, supported by The International Media Centre and featured projects from the University, other Universities and the best creative talent of the North-West of England.