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Sonisphere Festival - Cancelled

 In a sad day for festival fans, one of the UK’s leading rock festivals announced earlier today that this year’s festival will not go ahead.

Sonisphere Festival was due to take place on the 6-8th July later this year and was to be headlined by Kiss, Faith No More and Queen featuring Adam Lambert. In a website apology this morning however, the festival was cancelled leaving many fans disappointed, and many wondering where the future lies with the UK’s music festivals.

In what the Sonisphere developers called “a very challenging year”, internet rumours have suggested the cancellation could be due to poor ticket sales with previous years selling tickets in there thousands. There has also been strong emphasis on social networking sites such as Twitter that sales may have lessened because of a poorer line-up with many music fans preferring to opt for the likes of Reading and Leeds Festivals instead. 

It leaves an interesting debate on where the festivals may progress with many rock fans heralding Leeds and Reading as too mainstream and relying on Download now to provide the ultimate rock and roll getaway they hope for with these fests. There has also been blame based on the upcoming Olympic games with speculation that many potential attendees have opted to watch the games being hosted in England rather than paying for the music tickets.

With Glastonbury taking a year off, and now a major rock festival being cancelled, it is uncertain whether these festivals will remain, or has the fad died off?

Below are some views off of Twitter:
@mistydubs  So Sonisphere is cancelled…I think a few promoters need to start looking at prices - £400-500 for a weekend of music is just too much

@ashamanben I actually think the small amount of bands sonisphere had on was so much better than downloads lineup #download2012 #shit

@FraserBowden @Sonisphere has been traded for an #Anchorman sequel. It’s a shame we can’t have everything

@jayyyjayyyxx Sad times for rock fans #sonisphere xxxx :( 

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