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Chiasmus CD: Music for the Third Millenium

Chiasmus CD: Music for the Third Millenium

Music for the Third Millennium is a compilation of brilliantly remastered live recordings from Chiasmus events in York and Manchester (UK) during 2010. Including several Chiasmus commissions, the disc presents a view of the diversity in new music at the end of the first decade of the Twenty-first Century. Distinct from the traditional hub of British new music in London, this album focuses on the distinctive and eclectic sounds of four composers from the North-west of England (Abbott, Pycroft, Stephenson and Temperley) complemented by works from further afield by Gareth Churchill (Wales) and Robert A. Baker (Canada). Exquisitely produced and with remarkable fractal-based artwork, this CD is a must-have for those interested in exploring the unusual side of new classical music.

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Track List

    • Steve Pycroft - Arrival
    • Robert A. Baker
    • Gareth Churchill - Annwn
    • Helen Temperley - The Bicycle Suite
    • James Stephenson - Oracle Night
    • Paul J. Abbott - Points of Arrival


  • Doug Badger - Cello
  • Matt Dibble - Clarinet
  • Alice Hall - Violin
  • Alex Mayer - Piano
  • Steve Pycroft - Percussion
  • Helen Temperley - Viola
  • James Stephenson - Director

Produced by Thom Harrison for Harrisonics

Design by Priscilla Chan - 






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Jun 21, 2011 : alexf Says:

Great! Love the artwork also, welcome to the CH

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