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Clarinet Quartets

Clarinet Quartets

This Project is about creating more awareness around the medium of the clarinet quartet.  The name being self explanatory of what it is, the detail behind the name is that clarinets (like their string instrument counterparts) come in different sizes and thus ranges.  The most commonly used in Quartets are combinations of the B-flat (Bb), the E-flat (Eb) and the Bb-Bass Clarinets.  Sometimes you can have 4 Bb clarinets, sometimes 2 of them plus an Eb and a Bb-Bass or 3 Bb's and one Bb-Bass, and in rarer cases you can have A and/or C Clarinets too, depending on the tonality (they "key") of the piece being played, or the sound qualities required and combinations thereof.

I am starting this project by showing you some of clips of recordings by the Fell Quartet. 





My connection and knowledge of them is via my tutor Lenny Sayers (he is the guy sat down on floor in the picture, at the top-right of this project write up).  I have been to a few of their concerts and recitals and they have also released some CDs. You can find out more via


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