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Mozart part 2

Mozart part 2

So ... This is is an update on the Mozart clarinet project I started in May 2011 ( see list of my projects by following "maximus" link on this page ) In the first instalment I showed you some of the process that went into recording the performance. I am now demonstrating what you can do on your own without a duet partner at time of recording. In May I recorded a live practice play-through of an entire piece of music. This time I recorded myself in practice while actually learning the new piece. I played clarinet 1 and 2 on separate tracks through GarageBand on iPad and then on the same app I joined up the sections of practice into one whole performance. This is the Rondo from Mozart's sonata K.380 arranged for two clarinets (publisher edition details in the May 2011 project)

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Jul 10, 2011 : Alexf Says:

Brilliant stuff. I love the way your project and procesd keeps evolving and improving!

Jul 10, 2011 : Maximus Says:

Thanks for the encouragement Alex. Much appreciated.

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