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On the Bus to take a few photos of MediaCityUK

On the Bus to take a few photos of MediaCityUK

It was such a beautiful day this morning in Salford, myself and my colleague figured we'd try out the new bus running from Salford Crescent Station to MediaCityUK to take a few pictures of the place and Salford Uni's new building. I've been working on a few projects recently that needed a few up to date images of MediaCity, so it seemed like a perfect opportunity to try it out. I was impressed! The buses are super slick and run every 15 mins and it takes about 12 mins to get from Salford Uni to right near our building in MediaCity. The buses run from early until around 11.15 which gives some good scope to go for a few scoops and still easily get the train home afterward. We managed to do just that last week after attending the excellent ECE11 keynote  by the head of BBC Learning in the Philharmonic hall.

MCUK is all starting to take shape with people milling around, school parties and the gardens in bloom I felt really inspired and proud that my Uni has a presence here. The photos below will attest to my love of a good foreground plant shot. A great amateur photographer friend once told me in jest that the best pictures must contain either a gravestone or water, or both! I think he was half right. We also had a quick look at the Warhol and Diva exhibition at the Lowry. I'm a bit of a Pop Art nut anyway, but I have to say I really enjoyed it. It made me think even moreso that Warhol was way ahead of his time.

Slideshow of the pics below, or click here for non Flash version


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Jul 15, 2011 : Angela Says:

Did you get to see the photographs at the Lowry? I know pop art is your thing and I agree in general terms about Warhol but I would've liked to see something more challenging about the way the exhibition was put together.....have to agree to disagree about that one. Hope we don't do too much disagreeing next week....? Lovely images. I'm always drawn to architectural photographs and today was certainly a lovely day for it. A bit of sunshine certainly shows Salford in a favourable light. Angela

Jul 15, 2011 : alexf Says:

Hi, yes I did, but thats the great thing about this stuff, one persons meat etc. My perception is that the Lowry is moreso art for the masses rather than being challenging as such, and that embodies Warhol and Lowry I think. I think it was never meant to be particularly challenging, but I find both artists really inspiring. It maked me laugh to read early critics comments about pop art back in the day and also the Tate galleries thoughts on Lowry being too low brow. So in a nutshell, I think your right, it isnt all that challenging :) seeya next week.

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