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Summer 2011 (Cyprus)

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Sep 29, 2011 : alexf Says:

Great stuff, obviously only understand half of it :) Question - do you ever incorporate copyrighted music into your videos and if so, have YouTube ever pulled it on that basis? We've had a few cases of that on Creative Hive so far!

Oct 10, 2011 : evros glijin Says:

Am glad u like my work alex.As for ur question, i havent really had a problem with the music i used.i put the links of every single song i use in the description below the video.i dont think its an issue..

Oct 10, 2011 : alexfenton Says:

That's a good idea.I saw the head of Google UK talk in mediacity last week and he was saying that Google / YouTube and the artists are generally quite supportive of remixing or use of music etc. as it gives more airplay/exposure to their material,but I have also heard of a lot of vids being pulled for copyright reasons.Sounds like you are using this stuff in the right way and giving credit where its due - keep up the good work!

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