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Jazz Clarinet: part 3

Jazz Clarinet: part 3

This is one of my favourite classic songs of all time, made famous by Nina Simone from 1967 onwards,  but most people in the UK will know it as the BBC Film[add year] review program


Hope you enjoy it, It's called "I wish I knew how it would be to feel free" ... a bit of a long title which is why I accidentally abbreviated the title when uploading into SoundCloud ...





You should hopefully notice that the soundstage impression in the recording is slightly improved compared to earlier parts of my clarinet music projects.  This is due to (a) gaining experience and (b) improvement by the developers for the GarageBand app on the iPad.


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Jan 24, 2012 : alexfenton Says:

Hi Max, great to hear you back on the case. Sounds fantastic and liking the way your musical and technology skills are evolving and improving all the time. Very impressed with SoundCloud also for this stuff -works great on my ipod touch.

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