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Inside the old police station!

Inside the old police station!

Today at lunchtime, I finally realised an ambition of the year and managed to take a look around the interior of the old police station at Salford crescent. From my office in Faraday building at the University I have a wonderful view over campus, into Manchester and over to the pennines - but taking up the lions share of the vista is the old police station. I have often wondered how it would look inside - and now I know - it's a wreck! We were warned that it had been trashed by scallies, film crews, fire and flood damage - and indeed it was; but it is in a strange way, still a thing of beauty and mystery.

Andy Mullen from Urban Vision was kind enough to give us a guided tour of the building. Having visited recently, Andy told us that the building had got much worse. The floors are strewn with wiring presumably stripped for any valuable metals, and many things have been otherwise smashed and burned. The tour started off in the pitch black - which did nothing to quell any thoughts that the ghosts of old prisoners might be roaming the building! We managed to take a look at each floor including the stronghold in the basement and into the very roof space. We were also able to access the central fortified courtyard.

The tour was extremely enlightening and helped form some further ideas for the 70 Windows project. In addition - I took a set of photographs which ultimately may be imported into the virtual interior in Second Life to provide further connections with the real building. There is a large question mark hanging over the building now regarding what happens next. Watch this space!

There are a few pictures of our tour here: 









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